How to find the ‘right’ Stationery ?

From scribbling to making notes, whether they are work tasks or small reminders to loved ones, everyone uses stationery.  Stationery nowadays is not only limited to pen and paper but encompasses a large variety of products like task lists, journals, photo books, writing pads, jot books, planners, etc.
Stationery could be seen as a reflection of one’s personality and taste. More and more people are looking for stationery as not just a writing aid but as a prized possession for all that they do. 
But how do you decide on buying stationery? Do you go to your local store or browse online, what are the things to remember or ask? To help you out, here is a list of pointers to look out for while buying stationery, get your cup of coffee and read on!
  • Know the purpose & need 
Purpose and need will guide you to understand what you will use it for and what kind of stationery you need. Is it for making daily notes or a to-do list? And, how frequently you will be using it like daily, weekly, or monthly. There might be new solutions for the type of need you have, so check out brands you love and explore instagram! Try supporting small businesses, and those brands that have an intention to provide for your needs! We admit that sometimes, you can just buy without need/purpose, only because a book is pretty! (We get this, this happens to all of us!)
At Ninegram, you can email / DM on instagram for what you’re looking for and we’ll help you out! We have photos and videos to explain how a product is used and what its features are! 
  • Quality - Paper, finish and binding 
Quality is probably the most important of all! Quality will determine how long it can be used and how effectively it can serve you. Quality for online or offline can be checked through- reviews, how trusted the brand is, check details in photos and videos, and ask a friend who’s tried a product from them. If you’re buying a sketchbook, you could ask questions like will the paper be suitable for a paint medium, if you’re buying a planner, you can focus on the monthly and weekly grids because that will help you plan through the year; such details, quality in design and in print, make or break your stationery product. 
At Ninegram, we love to bring the best quality for you; being artists ourselves we pen-test all papers and products thoroughly to be able to get you the best picked products. If you’re doubtful anytime, ping us and we’ll guide you through our quality checks :)
Message us anytime if you have any confusion about what kind of products would be best for you, or if you’re in a fix to gift products to someone!
As consumers of good stationery to being the creators of good stationery, we’ve known the best of both ends and we try our best to offer you options for every need, every pocket and most of all, joy to every desk. Your coffee / tea will always love some Ninegram beside it, grab something today !
Written by Mahima Vithal  with Ninegram

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