Creative Projects for the festive time of the year!

How is it November end already? Time is flying by so soon! We still remember March to be coming in too soon in our lives and yes, then the pandemic hit in India. 

Engaging in creative projects is a fun stress-free way to celebrate the festive time, with your loved ones, especially now that many of us are home bound. Sharing fun simple ways and ideas to do some creative projects! Choosing our favourites from around the internet and sharing below!

1. Craft your way through decorations

Rainbow colors together always brings in lovely ambience inside any space and this is a fun messy way to decorate any space 

Idea 1 : Heart Art Project

Idea 2 : Fun Finger Painting

Source via Pinterest : Sanny Van Loon 

2. Make and send love notes

This year has been tricky & sending love notes is a warm gesture, everyone will love. Cute and simple cards that will win anyone’s heart and make them smile !

Idea 1: Cute Santa Card

Idea 2 : Fun Shaker Card

Source via Pinterest : Artist Unknown (please contact us if you know the artist, we would credit them)

3. Just get crafty for yourself 

These simple ideas make great desk decor, for an instant festive uplift !

Idea 1 : 3D Paper Ornament

Idea 2 : Cool DIY Paper Box


Source via Pinterest : 'Art Gang' Art Print by Karl James Mountford


We love indulging in crafty activities every once in a while! And we hope this provides you with a refreshing break :) If you would like to start simple, we have the most colourful pages to start off with crafty fun : CandyLand Collection ! Share with us your crafty updates via our Instagram


P.s. Pinterest is a treasure for ideas and inspiration and we are merely sharing our favourite projects for you! This is a non-commercial post and caters to not selling / promoting any brand or artist in particular, but only to promote the art of crafting and unwinding by being off the screen! :)

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