Meet the Makers at Ninegram

A few days back, someone wanted us to write a formal introduction about Ninegram, and it took us back to our original starting days, where we were dreaming of what we'd build and create!

We submitted a formal-ish note about us, in these two lines: Ninegram is an Indian company founded in Sep 2019 by Harpreet & Suhasini. Products currently include stationery, paper products and desk accessories . All products are made with a distinct focus on craftsmanship, love of good design + paper and an eye for quality.

Our dreams, our vision cannot be put into these two lines, so these blogs act as a peek into our lives, backstory and all the background work that results into what we showcase infront of you! 

Here we are e-meeting you from our workspaces! 

Ninegram Chief : Mr. Monsty Pahwa

Ninegram HQ Noida : Harpreet Pahwa

Harpreet : I am a Hand-Lettering Artist, Designer and co-founder at Ninegram. My journey began at MIT Institute of Design and my love for lettering was founded in London during an internship. The rendezvous continued and lead me to making my own lettering designs and followed that into taking workshops and immersing myself into the world of lettering and graphics!
In my free time, I am either playing with my dog, eating good food or planning my next dream-vacation ! 


Ninegram HQ Mumbai : Suhasini Penna

Suhasini : I'm an Illustration Artist running Ninegram, sipping coffee, enjoying watercolours and dreaming about all things fun and lovely! I did my studies in architecture and urban design, while at it, found my interest in drawing-sketching leading to illustrations and pursued it into full-time freelancing ! Having travelled around different cities in the world, I'm inspired to create illustrations that are refreshing and joy inducing! 


Ninegram is born out of our love for stationery and good design, hope you have a pleasant time using our products, gifting our products and even scrolling through our social media and website! Reach out to us to chat, ping or share your Ninegram experience! Thankyou for supporting us :)


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