Tips for Mind Management !

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September passing is still a big shock to most of us, who haven't realised how soon time has passed. Not only does this get reflected in us adjusting to our life goals, yearly goals or tasks but also makes us feel scared while reflecting on the change in our daily life routine. While many things are not in our control, managing our mind is something we can do, and we both at Ninegram have followed through this since long. We use our trusty lovely books to plan and write, but some mind hacks for you are shared here.

Here are tips and tricks to make your mind work a little easier , read through and sip into your warm beverage: 


1. Work - Life - Doing Nothing Balance 

While Work and life take away most parts of our daily routine, we find it essential to allow self to do nothing, for a while, which includes keeping away from your devices or worrisome thoughts. This could be like doing a mechanical task of looking through old albums or simply staring out of the window, or snuggles with your fluffy doggo partner! 

Make Time to do Nothing, you'll thank us for the calm it brings in your life. 


2. Plan it out in writing. 

Daydreaming about all the to-do tasks make you magnify your worries and tasks and not deal with them practically. So, writing always helps and keeps our head focussed on making tasks be achievable. 

Write and Scribble your tasks down on Paper. Maybe, this book will bring you joy in doing that. 


3.  Find a team and collaborate to get work done. 

 One can do it, two can do it together; we know that we're a stronger team together when we get ideas connecting and pairing up our strengths to work for the best. Asking for help is always a good positive step.

Look for collaborations, or get started by self and find a new direction to your idea! 


4. Organise life, add sometime for cake+coffee+chill time

Organised mind works best in preparation towards anything that comes your way.  We like our chill time as much as we love working, and balance is key to acing anything!

Realising sometimes that many things aren't in our control directly, helps us deal with situations towards finding solutions! 



Can't wait for 2021 and we have exciting products for you in store! To make your desk time nicer and productive! Take care, stay safe and wear the mask!!!  :)






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