Ninegram: How we started!

On a slow Wednesday morning in May 2020, we had put up questions on Instagram, our prime mode to connect to you all, an ‘ask us anything about Ninegram’  prompt.

What came were not only interesting questions but also fun reflections in answers. Answers we forgot to think and reflect at, in the chaos and running around daily.

Here we take you back to August 2019, the behind the scenes of before Ninegram was “online” :D


Harpreet and I met in the end of July 2019, for the second time. And discussed our love for stationery and how we would love to own a store. We took the discussion seriously and met up the next day. It was raining like crazy, and she was leaving that night to her home in Delhi. 

Fun note: We surprise each other ever so often and cheer each up through dull and long days! We do surprise products and surprise cake deliveries :D We love cake!

We talked about our travels, our vision and how broke we are, sipped a lot of coffee and got started on thinking: I (Suhasini) in my Uber on my way back home, thinking this is exciting and how badly I want this & Harpreet in hers thinking of all the wonderful possibilities and how much she wanted to do this since long. Even though we lived in different cities, Delhi & Mumbai, we knew we could figure how to make it work. Technology has made it easier definitely.

 Harpreet and Suhasini both are September born’s and share Ninegram’s launch with their favourite month!


Calls, texts, video calls, sync-ing sessions, podcasts, lots of coffee, inspiration exchange, and in numerous dialogues later, we decided ‘NINEGRAM’ , got started on what products we wanted to do, and how and the whole technical side of it. 

We hesitated, we reflected and we pursued- our whole aim was to spread the joy of stationery and good design, in a minimal, classy way and make it affordable. We bring to the table what we have learnt, gathered and nurtured over our travels since years.

Also: Hello from CEO of Ninegram : Mr. Monsty Pahwa (he’s the one doing all the sales for you all , he loves sales and treatos)


Fun notee: We love coffee & we do a little dance whenever we get an order!

We call stationery yummy, we smell paper and feel it, so we clearly loved the idea, the execution although challenging was something we wanted to pursue. 

19th September we launched Ninegram, with four lovely products! It was the start of a new era in our lives. We’re glad to say, we are loving the ups and downs, all thanks to being able to work on something we are passionate about; its hard but its worth it!

Fun anecdote: Suhasini hadn’t been able to see the products during the launch, trusting the perfectionist in Harpreet for all quality checks. 

 From the desk of Harpreet & Suhasini, small business owner’s and lovers of great design and stationery!

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