Ninegram Story- We turned 2!

Hello everyone,

This blog article is special since we turned 2 years in September 2021, and as we look ahead in all our dreams and goals, we want to share with you, an insight into how we started and who we are!

Harpreet and Suhasini have built Ninegram from 4 products to 50+ products, and shipped 2500+ orders all across India, held 15+ flea market events and collaborated and worked with 25+ brands! We only hope the graph goes higher with more learnings for us and more mindful products we can bring for you!

We are sharing our journey and highlights with you in hope that you will be inspired to push yourself towards your dreams and pursuits! 

Watch a little fun talk we did about everything we do, from coffee to work, link : here ! 

Sharing our journey in a fun illustration we did about all the happy key moments we will always cherish and remember! Small or big, we are always onto celebrate it with coffee and cake, we make sure to learn but pat ourselves on the back often. :) 

Our journey from 2019 to 2021 September :) is link : here ! 

Thankyou for your support and encouragement, we love how far we have come and can't wait for all the adventures ahead. It's tough to run a small business, but your encouragement and love makes it worth it :) 

Love from Ninegram Team! 

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