Q & A with a stationery start up !

We always love letting you know our processes, inspirations and journeys and share our insights! We got lovely questions and got an opportunity to share what we do and how we do it! 
1. What is Ninegram's  design process like?
Being artists and avid lovers of design, our approach is very organic. It starts with sketches that are inspired by things and places we love , our travels, coffee fueled ideas and more. Parallel to this we brainstorm about what we would like to keep at our desk and new products we want to do. Products and designs are aligned keeping in mind the intent, usage and functionality. Colour pallette and theme go hand in hand while exploring what new can we offer. Many a times we make a product because the gut feeling is right and it clicks. 
Both of us play our happy selves in designing every product, Suhasini designs and illustrates with coffee around her always, she has tons of illustration banks and folders, and is quickly able to come up with ideas for any finishing touches.  Harpreet gets the final files ready with all the details and making sure the product is coming together as intended! 
2. How do you come up with new products ? 
New products are a culmination of two thoughts: _one_ is about what product we need at our desk and _second_ is about how Ninegram can bring  value and difference with that product to the market . Our aim is to keep the quality as premium and the prices to be affordable in order for the product to be functional. We know that there's a gap in the market with functional premium products being affordable and we try to fill that gap with Ninegram! 
3. What inspires your design?
Our design is inspired by small things that spread cheer, and all our travels have fueled us with ideas and lots of creative energy ! We like to keep it simple and spark joy and motivation when an illustration is paired on the paper. 
4. What does a regular day at a stationery startup look like?
Lots of coffee and lots of paper rule our day! We start with a hug, watering plants and having fresh flowers at the desk. We go through our daily tasks and goals and figure our brackets of  food gaps we can look forward to. We then get going with shipping your orders and fulfillment, answering emails and talking to our vendors. We try to experiment with lots of coffee and treat ourselves a little more on days that are a bit hectic and stressful! 
5. How often do you have new launches and is there a set method? 
We have a new launch almost every month or two. Being a small business the excitement to make new products never ceases, we love to make our audience part of it; thanks to social media we love giving freebies and launching with offers and discounts! Offering a behind the scenes on production also helps us connect with the audience. 
Have any other questions? Chat with us at our Instagram page :)

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