How to support a small business ?

Small businesses are growing tremendously with the ‘Vocal for Local’ mantra stirred in their direction. They might not have a lucrative setup but are sure to be fueled with passion and desire to increase their sales and make it big. 

There is so much about our small business and businesses in general that is unknown, we want to give you a peek into how small businesses in recent years are changing the wave of entrepreneurship and business dreams.


Not just a business but a ‘dream’

For all small business owners, their business is a dream they are presenting to you. Working on it from scratch makes them navigate through what products or services they can provide to you. When you buy from a small business owner, you are supporting their dream, giving them the wings to fly higher. Every small support goes a long way, with mere social media support or spreading the word with friends and family.


More Adaptive to local needs 

Small business owners understand the local needs and can easily adapt themselves to the changing needs of the community. Small businesses work with in-house team and craftsmen in that country/region, promoting lesser carbon footprint and creating a wave of #madeinindia like campaigns.

Designed with a thought 

Small businesses are run by passion and dreams coming together. Care is given to every product that is personally designed, quality checked and made in small quantities to ensure demand meets the needs in the market. The product or service is designed keeping the audience in mind and is more personalised.

One to one connect

Small business owners build a healthy relationship with their customers through their products and services. The owners are interactive and involved with their customers and often connect with them via email or direct messaging. They are more open to feedback as their business is driven to make profits via customer service.

Generate jobs and needs

While supporting a small business will eventually lead to progressive growth, it also means you are helping the unemployed community. As the business expands, they would need a bigger team and thus hire individuals. 

Increased collaborative spirit

Small business owners are increasingly collaborating with other brands or small businesses to enhance their products. Like a clothing brand could collaborate with an accessory brand and promote it as a complete styling package. Small businesses don't have a prerequisite reputation to maintain and can experiment as they wish. Such collaborations are often based on uplifting artisan values rather than going by their degrees, thus bringing out new talent.

We hope our little effort encourages you to support more small businesses and entrepreneurs in their dreams and goals and here's hoping we have more small business growing big in the coming years! 

Written by Mahima Vithal with Ninegram

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