Second Wave- 2021 Learnings

Written content & Illustrations by Ninegram!

Hey there! 
We all hoped 2021 was filled with travels and all the outdoorsy FUN but here we are! Another year of the lockdown and spending time balancing work and life and SELF at home. :)

While we are not only taking care and trying to keep our loved ones safe, it’s also becoming increasingly challenging to just go through the day normally.
While we both balance- family, work, health and more, we thought we would share our learnings in case they help you! 
1. Daily goals work because everyday is different

Each day you wake up with a different energy and mood so don’t make committed plans early on. Wake up and plan for that day and rely on your energy levels to gauge how much work you can take on! Don’t over do it because you’ll face a burn out.


2. Allocating social media time effectively is very crucial

Social Media is the window to peek into the world and connect with friends but especially now with the flood of all kinds of news, the mind can easily be taken into a pit of worry or anxiety. Limit the number of times you see media that could trouble you and especially avoid Social Media during meals , before sleeping and in the first hour of waking up. 

3. Plan, Prepare and Write. 

Plan your meetings and friend dates and all the minutes you think you can easily take on- planning and the execution will give you a boost of courage and a tick mark on accomplishing goals, something that’s treated as a ‘self reward’ system for promoting positive behaviour. In the current scenario- take time to prepare lists of emergency numbers and of those who deliver and share with friends and family. 


4. Slow time down with what you do.

Look at the sky ☁️ , spend time with nature 🌿. Do some activities that slow you down. Trimming leaves, watering plants, massaging your head or those simple mundane tasks slow time down. Do those consciously. Embrace the privilege of being home with loved ones :)


5. Exercises- mental and physical

 Gratefulness exercises, breathing exercises, anything that will get your mind to declutter, pause and empty out all the noise. Those word search puzzles you did when you were a kid? There’s an app for that now, play such games that are silly and fun and engage your mind and de-pressurise the air around you!


6. Plan out a reward system for self

A warm bath, sheet mask, wearing that amazing perfume, anything that you can do to tell your body a ‘thankyou’ and care for it is a MUST! You will feel good. Push others around you in this self care activity and get into a group care rhythm :) Send silly selfies as reminders to friends to take of themselves too!


7. Time with YOUR people !

Make time for family and especially, the elderly, teach them how to be technologically friendly- apps like GooglePay and more, which will make their life easy , or Netflix and other media streaming websites to make them watch and explore movies and relax. If they’re interested in photography, try some hacks from youtube and click photos :) 

8. Keep close ones closer :) 

Make long friend dates & calls and celebrate each other. 

9. Up your decor & make your cozy pockets at home.

Decorate your spaces for comfort and for it to feel good. Have candles, flowers, plants, frames, whatever elements feel would make you like the space and surround yourself with them. 


We hope you try these learnings and find some joy / peace through them. We wish you all to be safe and careful, wear your mask and take extra care! :) 

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