Top ten ways to Decorate your 2020 Ninegram Planner

Beginners Guide to Decorating your 2020 Planner-

New year means new goals and plans for the following 12 months and ofcourse a NEW PLANNER, probably the most exciting part for many! Planner decorating has become very popular during the last few years, and its popularity keeps increasing over time. But dont worry, if this is something that overwhelms you, we've got you covered! There’s no right or wrong way for how to decorate your planner.

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1. Cut, Tear, Snip it: You know what's the easiest thing to start with? Its probably tearing paper and pasting it on your planner. Get some coloured paper (Kraft or brown paper looks superb!), tear it off in pieces of about a few inches and stick them on the planner! Refer to the image below to get a better idea!

2. Photos are never enough: Get some Kraft paper from local stationery. Tear it roughly and put pictures over them. You can either print a few or paste all the polaroids that have been pending for years.
3. Brush Pens: Use brush pens to write motivational quotes and why not get some of our free printables and use them to write months? Get our month-names printables HERE.
4. Highlighter: Yes! Highlight, important days, important dates and anything and everything that tops your priority list. Use highlighters to jazz up some corners of your planners! You can buy some highlighters at a local stationery store or HERE
5. Stickers are never enough: While we have been hoarding stickers for years, there are a lot of them available at the market! Put some stickers according to your mood, your feelings or just cut some favourite characters off a comic book and stick them up for daily motivation! 
6.Watercolour effect: You know what really jazzes up your planner pages? A hint of watercolour! Spread water on the paper and just spray some paint over it to get some lovely effect, unleash the artist within you! Here's video for you to watch! :)
7. Doodles: Make tiny floral doodles or doodles of food, vacations, things you like and the list goes on and on... You can refer to our picture below to get some idea!
8. Sticky notes: It’s okay to make your planner look pretty and to make it your own. But, don’t forget to keep your planner functional. There are so many sticky notes out there, that it wouldn’t be hard to find yourself adding extra sticky notes to the pages!
9. Washi Tape & Stamps: You can cover corners and pages and do all things crazy and colourful with washi tapes! They come in all shapes, designs. styles and types! Buy some HERE.
10. Pages off old novels: Dont worry you dont have to giveaway your old novels away! Just tear them and use them to decorate your journals. you can refer below!
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