The Joy of Writing a Letter: Fun Tips to Get You Started!

Written by Prerna Gupta 

We’re locked inside our houses, working from home, not meeting people, sanitizing every delivery, washing our hands and sweating inside our masks. This “new normal” might not be strictly true for you depending on where you live but there’s one thing that’s sadly true for many of us – it’s been months since we have met our friends and family!

”To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart” - Phyllis Theroux

Sure, we’ve all tried the Zoom family calls and online Ludo and games to stay connected but if you’re anything like us, there’s a certain impersonality to these electronic means that can get tiring very quickly. And we’re all spending way too much time in front of screens anyway.

Personally, we are lovers of writing and receiving hand written letters and the old worldly charm associated with it all. There’s something to be said for taking the time to hand-write a letter, add little personal touches, maybe decorate the envelope, address it, use the glue and drop it off at the post office into the dull rusty red box. Maybe the charm lies in the effort one puts in to writing a letter or maybe it’s about the slow pace of waiting for a letter to arrive. Whatever it is, we encourage you pick up your pen and write to your loved ones – we promise that they’ll love receiving this little something from you. (Tried and tested, results in wide smiles always!)

And if you’re new to letter-writing, here are some easy, fun and practical tips to get you started.

Keep It Simple🌼

If you’re not very comfortable with penning your thoughts, we suggest you go the simple route and send across a greeting card or even a short note. You don’t have to wait for an occasion; just pick up one that says what’s on your mind.

Our Love Card & Heart Badge is just the perfect reminder for your loved one.

Picture Source: Suhasini

What to Write ✍️

If you do decide to write a letter, don’t get into the dry, everyday details. Instead, maybe write about what’s inspiring you lately, what’s keeping you up at night. Share with them the last book you couldn’t put down or the song that’s playing on repeat. Or recall any memory you have with the person you are writing to or even start making future plans with them. 

Picture Source: Suhasini

Add a Personal Touch 🖌️

Call the artist out of you, draw a silly face and send it along. Or make a little greeting card. Or even put in a magazine/newspaper cutting that you found interesting or that made you laugh. Get crafty, get creative.

Picture Source: Suhasini 

Decorate the Envelopes 💌

This is where you can get really imaginative! You can use all your precious hoarded crafty treasures – washi tapes, sketch pens, little stickers to your heart's desire to decorate your envelopes. If you’re short on ideas, Pinterest is a great resource.

Picture Source: via Instagram: @pbandjillian

Keep your Stationery Ready🖋️

Having all your stationery in one place is going to make letter-writing super easy and fun. All you’ll need is a good pen, a letter pad, some sketch pens or brush pens and any other odds and ends to decorate your mail. We guarantee that our simple, lovely  letter pad is going to be a joy to use!

Picture Source: Suhasini

Let's write and send some love all around! 💌✨ 

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