The Small Things in Business (and life) that Matter

The Small Things in Business (and life) that Matter

Our life running Ninegram has been mostly about yay-ing when the small things go right, those that then help us get to bigger things! We’re just close to being an year old, so all the thoughts and learnings here, are not only what we want to share with you, but humble lessons we would want our future-selves to remember in the many years to come. 

Small things, from a little note in your order, to how an order is packed, or an email reply, we try to make our exchanges with everyone, whether a customer or a visitor, feel like they’re valued. Mostly because we’re also customers to many stores and brands we buy, and it is this lovely difference that makes us feel loved & valued. Here are small things we value as two young business women, in Ninegram and in our life! Our priority has been and will always be bringing great quality products in affordable costs to your desk, but apart from that some more tiny little learnings and ways we do what we do are below. Get your cup of warm tea/ hot coffee :) 

  1. Good vibes ! 

Our social media and email responses are aimed at going out with good vibes whenever we hit ‘send’. And unlike having a curtain to showcase good behaviour only with customers, this is something we practice as long distance business owners ourselves. Our interactions through the most tense moments are still dealt with care and respect, we cheer each other up more than anything through any highs and lows of Ninegram moments! :D

  1. Freebies & Goodies !

We are always excited with every order that comes, we love adding freebies wherever we can, especially in an order that has shown us generous love and support, some freebies are our way of reciprocating to their kindness. All our products are made with the best attention to detail - in design and print, then packaged to make the customer have a lovely experience of opening the parcel. 


We add birthday notes & any special notes whenever we get a request, our lettering artist- Harpreet, personally hand writes the notes !

  1. Making in India | Going Local

Make in India is a fab initiative to support local artisans and craftsmen, vendors, and logistics teams and we’re so glad we can share our growth with them. We didn’t realise how lovely this is in reality until we saw them reflecting on our growth and feeling happy for us; we have had samosa and sweet treats for them and we feel lucky to have made a difference in their life because of Ninegram existence.

In March, we supported a local senior care home and got from them lovely handmade masks. We added masks in every order for that while and it was a great way for us to say ‘takecare’ !


  1. Growing & Supporting 

Over the last 11months, we’ve interacted and collaborated with numerous lovely people. We’ve always aimed at growth with mutual profit as our strategy to get through tough negotiations and found ourselves with people who are cheering for our growth, and us for theirs!

Growing without support in the long run is not only a pathway to being alone but also an isolated scenario wherein you can’t celebrate each other’s wins! We love to collaborate and brainstorm on what we can do creatively together to boost one another!

  1. Happiness - Find and spread

Happiness even though fluctuating is key to having good relations with your work, life, personal stuff, and everything else too. We do what we do because we love it, and it gives us happiness. Our customers receiving a product of that happiness is a chain reaction that we want our products to keep carrying! 


  1. Giveaways 

We do fun giveaways every few weeks, it helps us to give back and celebrate everyday joy with you all. We constantly remind ourselves of how grateful we are of Ninegram! We love giving back to the community in any way we can, and multiple batches of orders have gone out with extra goodies and stuff we love to share. I

We try to make Ninegram a lovely experience for you, be it as a visitor screen shopping or a customer! We hope you can translate these small things that bring happiness into your daily life, to yourself and others! :)

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