What to write in a Planner?

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When you look around social media, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by a sea of planners. But do you actually need one is the question?!

YES and YES is the answer. We aren't saying this just because we have been planner hoarders ourselves, its because people have actually come back to us and told us how their life has gotten 10x better because of this one book!

While we have planners to fit every kind of need, we also have planners that can be started from any time of the year! Yes Thats possible :)
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So lets begin with what people actually write in a planner!

  • Daily tasks - A place to jot down your daily goals, tasks or even meal plans, to-dos that have been pending for days and months.
  • Business Tasks - Here is where all the business related tasks go. Tasks such as sorting files, scheduling meetings, business appointments, writing a new blog post, or even business calls or travel plans.
  • Weekly Goals - Staying fit and exercising tops the list of weekly goals, along with buying groceries and doing laundry!
  • Notes Column - It’s the space for any note, numbers, birthday gifts, reminders or love notes that you may want to keep handy! Oh this space is amazing for making notes in a meeting too.
  • Weekly Gratitude - A way to not forget the wonderful things that happened during that week, as well as things you are grateful for!
  • Notes for next week - Any activity, event, occasion, trips to look forward to and friends to meet.
  • Movies, Books & Cafes - In the midst of the chaotic life, some can try  making lists of books and movies they'd love to watch over the weekend or cafes/foods they'd like to try!
  • Finances - Well we understand that its impossible to keep a track of how many beers you owe your friend or the amount that you have to submit in office for re-imburse, hence here is a place where you can pen down all your finances and keep your mind stress-free. (Exclude passwords) 
  • Dreams & Doodles - Some fun corners to scribble when you're on a phone call, some dreams that you would have, some un-discovered talents or some start-up ideas.
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