Who We Are

Ninegram is a premium & affordable stationery store by Harpreet & Suhasini, for mindful and pleasing paper products, designed and manufactured in India. A brand born from our own designs, ideas we love and the inspiration we get by traveling around the world.

Our stationery sparks joy, makes you smile, inspires you, keeps you motivated, for your personal and professional needs. 

We’ve thought of everything you need so you can jump right into using Ninegram products! Get settled into a cozy corner near you and exercise your creativity on each page. Don't forget to tag us #ifeelnine to get featured!

UPDATE- Ninegram will be closing its doors soon. We have loved our journey from September 2019 when we opened our doors to you all, till September 2022, your support & love have made us feel grateful about starting this business and we've loved packing orders and making stationery for you.


To get in touch with us, reach out to us at suhasinipenna@gmail.com & harpreet.pahwa93@gmail.com 

           Circa: August 2021 (L-Suhasini R-Harpreet)